the MOST USED Special Purpose Vehicle platform

Assure SPVs simplify the deal and fund administration process so you can focus on what you do best: finding deals and building relationships. Having completed thousands of deals, we’ve seen every scenario and have the perfect solution for taking your private investment opportunities from startup to exit.


Assure is changing the world of private investing. We make it possible for more founders to get funding and more investors to participate in private investments.


  • The leading platform for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
  • #1 Fund Administrator on the Convergence U.S. Fund Administrator League Table
  • No other provider has completed more SPVs or private transactions (14,000+)
  • Startups that raise via SPVs get 2x the amount of funding
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Glassboard by Asure

Close deals faster with more transparency and control.

Using Glassboard you have more transparency and control to close more deals, faster. Deal setup, investor onboarding, KYC/AML, documents, banking, 1065s, K1s and more are all handled in platform.


SPV SOLUTIONS for every deal


World's fastest, most affordable SPV. Small raises are a perfect fit for Assure Labs SPVs.

  • Up to 20 investors
  • Single close
  • Single asset

The most used SPV with more features. Small, medium & large raises love Assure Standard SPVs.

  • Up to 99 investors
  • 3 closes within 6 months
  • Single asset

World's most customizable complete structuring and administration service available.

  • Up to 1,999 investors
  • 4+ closes
  • Multi-asset


Using a different tool like SPVs is really something that a lot of founders have taken to, and I really see SPVs becoming the new way to raise money, having multiple SPVs, or one.

Sabrina Simonsen
SPV Sisters

If you're an Angel investor, you could start your own syndicate powered through SPVs. Here at LAUNCH, we could not be more pleased with our partnership with the team at Assure. They power my syndicate. Assure SPVs are the back end that I rely on to get all of these syndicates done. 

Jason Calacanis

Assure is going to light the way for a lot of non-accredited and underrepresented syndicate leads and emerging fund managers to blaze a path in venture and have a supportive partner along the way with them.

Paige Doherty
Behind Genius Ventures

Fortunately, there’s folks like [Assure], that have made it easier for managers to administer, so they can focus more on what they should be doing, which is investing in companies, finding those companies, and helping those entrepreneurs.

Samir Kaji

What I'm seeing is that a lot of the Next Gen investors using SPVs to build out a track record. They invest in very specific deals in order to build out a track record and be able to raise a fund from outside LPs later down the road.

Olga Yermolenko
OY Group

There's articles that I've read about how you don't make any money on your first fund. And they're popular articles. And I'm always thinking at the end, "Oh, you missed SPVs. That's the way to do it".

Dan Engel
Santa Barbara Venture Partners



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The State of the SPV report is the first of its kind, surfacing Assure Analytics’ findings and revealing data from thousands of private transactions. Significant report insights include:

  • SPVs put capital to work and make investor distributions fast. The time to 1st investment is 43 days, and the time to 1st distribution is 2.3 years, much faster than is typical in the private markets.
  • SPVs rarely charge management fees, and when they do it’s 20% of the typical VC fee.
  • U.S. SPVs outside of the top markets of the Bay Area and New York City actually raise more capital.

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What's Going on in Venture

Romeen Sheth, Operator Investor

What's Going on in Venture

Jason Calacanis of LAUNCH