Assure was founded in 2012 and looked very different than it does today. We had 3 products: Investor Relations for fund managers, Due Diligence for the SBA's $3 Billion dollar initiative, and Fund Analytics. In 2013, Assure Co-Founders Jeremy and Katie Neilson received a call from AngelList asking if they could “set up funds in bulk”. The request was to structure, administer and maintain an entity from start to finish for one flat fee. Assure said "yes", and within a little over 4 months, had structured and closed approximately 60 deals.

Today, having completed over 5,100 transactions, Assure is the foremost industry leader in structuring Special Purpose Vehicles and the most experienced end-to-end administrator of what many Angels and deal organizers call the fast, affordable SPV. Assure plays a key role in the democratization of private investing. They have decreased the cost of SPVs by 90%, making it possible for more investors to invest in more companies.

Assure’s mission is to nearly eliminate the structuring and administration expense of investing in private assets. Assure provides a “one stop shop” for the tax, legal, accounting, and compliance service via their online platform Glassboard, coupling technology with professional services.

Most recently Assure acquired BoomStartup and launched Glassboard Technology. With the acquisition of BoomStartup, Assure now offers comprehensive platform services to founders, companies, investors, and deal organizers with a full suite of solutions and services applicable throughout the entire venture life cycle from idea to exit.

By maintaining touch points throughout this cycle, Assure is positioned to deliver solutions at the exact time of need and in the most efficient and economic way.


I’ve had just an absolutely pleasant experience with the Assure staff. All they’ve done is help us get capital into the hands of early stage tech founders.

Bruno Lulinski
Miami Angels

We’ve found consistently that [Assure] works very hard for their clients. They’re very easy to work with. If there’s ever any issues or problems, they address them quickly.

John McEvoy
Tribeca Early Stage Partners

The new tools make life a lot easier, from an administrative perspective, but also from a broader user perspective. Going through the Glassboard system feels very familiar.

Laurence Latimer
Princeton Alumni Angels of Greater New York

When we can find a partner, whether it’s technology or service like Assure, that can help us do what we’re not very good at, and do it well, we stick it in.

Boris Revsin
Republic Labs

The team at Assure is smart, knowledgeable, and efficient. Their pricing is fair and cost-effective. I highly recommend them for any fund management and related services.

Todd Swanson
Outlier Ventures

I am pleased and delighted with Assure's service. It feels like they wait around for my call to discuss my deal when I know they have hundreds of emails/calls to answer.

Bill Benz
Accelerum Capital

I chose you over a number of providers, your process is the best, you are the quickest, and you have a world-class investor onboarding process.

Kingsley Advani
Advani Family Office



Investment platform Republic relies on Assure to get dozens of companies compliant and investable quickly each month.




Tech Coast Angels
Tribeca Angels
Miami Angels
Equity Bee
GGV Capital



At Assure we are highly interested in team chemistry and company culture. The company culture is a mixture of family friendly, fun light sarcastic atmosphere and head down getting work done.

The Assure team


Jeremy Neilson
Jeremy Neilson


Katie Neilson
Katie Neilson


John Wallace
John Wallace


Ben Brubaker
Ben Brubaker

Chief Of Staff