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AOTSPV_Webimages_Administration Outline-38To finalize the transaction, the first step is to prepare individualized capital account statements for all of the investors in an SPV.

When we signed the purchase agreement and wired the funds to our target startup company, we completed the crucial step by making the investment in exchange for ownership in said company. Yet additional steps remain in order to finalize this transaction. The first is to prepare individualized capital account statements for all of the investors in our SPV. Preparing the SPV capital account statements requires Administrative expertise.

The organizer prepares and delivers a capital account statement to each investor. This capital account statement is a formal receipt that details each member’s financial contribution to the SPV--and their ownership stake in the target asset--and provides them with basic information about the SPV and all its participants.

The corresponding partnership capital account is an equity account recorded in the accounting ledger of the partnership.

The Assure SPV is unique in the comprehensiveness of services it provides, encompassing all necessary legal, tax, compliance, administration, banking and (if needed,) accounting throughout the life cycle of the capital-raising SPV. In addition to its completeness, our SPV service is uniquely easy to use and cost-effective. Assure’s Glassboard technology platform integrates, automates and streamlines many processes that were formerly disparate, manual and onerous.  

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After we send the capital account statement to each investor in our capital-raising SPV, we are ready to move on to the final requirement in ensuring that our SPV a fully formed entity: BUILD AND SAVE THE LEDGER OR CAP TABLE FOR THE SPV.