How Assure's Glassboard SPV Software Can Make Things Easier

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Sep 27, 2022 9:52:10 AM | Assure

When it comes to nailing down an investment vehicle that is right for you, there are many options on the table. Whether you are a private investor, or are a partner looking to make moves for your affiliated business (and perhaps business partners), you have likely explored the many avenues of investing in private assets.

However, in your searching and ongoing discussions with financial advisors or investment partners, you have likely reached a place where you understand that the ability to pool your money together with other investors in a structured way into a single investment vehicle has many benefits that come along with it.

Special purpose vehicles, more commonly known as SPVs, are exactly this type of investment vehicle, allowing you to raise capital for investment purposes, and staying in control of its progress. On the other hand, if you have not heard of an SPV, are curious to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. Not only are SPVs a tailored approach to your investment strategy, but there is also SPV software that allows you ease of management, oversight, and decision-making when need be.

What is an SPV?

Whether you are familiar with SPVs and SPV services or not, a quick refresh never hurts to shed some light on what is happening in the world of SPVs. First and foremost, it is important to note that SPV services do not come in a one-size-fits-all model. This is because SPVs are investment vehicles that are structured to your particular needs and end goals.

While there are all kinds of reasons that investors turn to an SPV platform for their end goals, there is a common reason that tends to stand above the rest, and that is the flexibility that an SPV formation provides. Being that an SPV is a legally structured entity, there are freedoms, protections, and tax benefits often affiliated with it.

Through these freedoms and flexibility, you have options for your SPV formation and how it is managed. As mentioned, this flexibility is a major draw, but it also means there are many considerations that you need to make, both at the time of your SPV formation, as well as throughout its entire life cycle.

For this reason, it is best to incorporate an SPV software platform that supports your efforts, and better equips you to even out your time between the SPV management duties and the nuances of balancing financial elements with investor relations.

It is best to turn to experts who can help tailor the SPV to your precise approach. Assure SPV is a differentiator in the realm of SPV services. Not only were we first to market and make use of a seven-year term, flat-fee pricing scale (which is something you won’t find from our competitors), but we will set you up with an SPV platform that puts you in the driver’s seat, taking away much of the pressure and stress.

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Assure’s SPV Platform

Assure’s SPV platform is called Glassboard, and it was designed to provide a simple, affordable, and transparent management solution for your SPV, so you can keep the focus on building relationships and locking down deals. Simply put, Assure’s SPV platform will save organizers and investors both time and money. And there is no denying that when it comes to investing, or furthering business growth, saving time and money is a benefit that works in your favor.

Some of the ways that Assure’s SPV platform Glassboard can make things easier for you are here:

Invite and Onboard Investors

Pooling a network of investors together shouldn’t be difficult, especially when they share a common goal (or set of goals), which is why Assure’s SPV platform makes that process simple. From managing investor information to opening lines of communication directly with investors and participants, this hub is a contained location for investor inclusion and management.

Maintain Autonomy and Transparency

Through Glassboard, you have the ability to monitor ongoing fund management and deal flow, which means you are always up to date with the deal’s status and progress, not to mention access to valuable insights. And since this information is provided in real time, you no longer have to spend time collecting, organizing, and tracking documents. Basically, Assure’s SPV services will streamline your entire deal syndication and management efforts.

Create New Deals

SPV formation aligns with your goals, and while some goals shift and need to be managed accordingly, some goals are new and require new deals to be made. With Glassboard’s three-step process, setting up a new deal is efficient and can be done quickly. Whether you want to create a new profile and update information, or add a new deal entirely, the options for SPV formation are intuitive and make it easy.

Begin Your SPV

Building an investment strategy that meets the needs and goals of you and your investment partners is an exciting step, but it shouldn’t be a confusing or time-restrictive one. With Assure’s SPV platform and services, you will have access to our experience, knowledge, and management assistance from inception and throughout the course of its entire life cycle.

From inviting investors to your SPV, to sharing documents to be signed, to hitting your benchmarks, Assure’s SPV services have you covered. Assure's SPV Fund Documents provide our clients with a structure that is flexible, easy to scale, and cost-effective. Learn more about how an SPV can benefit you and your organization, and click here to get started on beginning your SPV today.