Jeremy Neilson on Founder Institute

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Sep 27, 2022 9:52:18 AM | Assure

Building a Track Record with SPVs: Q&A with Assure's Jeremy Neilson

On this July 2021 VC Lab video, Jeremy Neilson (Founder/Co-CEO, Assure) and Adeo Ressi (Founder/CEO, Founder Institute) discuss how emerging VCs can leverage a deal-by-deal investing strategy to break into the industry and build a portfolio.

By getting in and closing deals, investors develop an LP base, create relationships with founders, and strengthen their brand. This webinar addresses the strategies on how to structure and manage these deals, in a way that is compelling for both founders and LPs, and in a way that lets the investor direct their focus on finding and investing in good companies.


SPVs Are Fast & Affordable

Neilson says SPVs are now faster and more affordable than ever before:

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SPV is Like Dating, Venture Fundraising is Like Marriage

Neilson says SPV is like dating, while fundraising for a venture fund is like a marriage:

An SPV is a particular deal. Let’s use SpaceX as an example. Let’s say you get access to some allocation into SpaceX. When you go out to your network, you’re basically asking, ‘Do you want allocation to SpaceX?’ That’s it. This is a yes/no conversation. When you’re raising for an SPV, you’re raising for that deal – for that particular opportunity. But when you’re raising a fund, it’s all about you and your team. It’s a very different conversation. If you say, ‘This is a space tech fund,’ they will ask what you can get into and if you can you find the next SpaceX.

Topics covered in the webinar include: 

  • Getting in the game, building credibility with LPs 
  • Matchmaking with LPs 
  • Lower investment minimums attract more LPs 
  • Top-selling points to LPs 
  • How SPVs can help you break into the scene