Using Assure for Private Investment Funds

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Sep 27, 2022 9:51:25 AM | Assure

The Private Investor Club is a place where investors get together to share due diligence, source deals and negotiate discounts on alternative investments.

They partner with Assure to create feeder funds. When one of the deals requires a high minimum, such as a million dollars, they can create an investment fund or a feeder fund. Within that fund, an individual investor in the club can invest a smaller amount, for example $25,000, rather than the full amount.

Private Investor Club, to date, has 13 funds, each with roughly 100 investors. “If we were managing all of that internally,” says Ian Ippolito, Founder and CEO of Private Investor Club, “it would require customer service people that I would have to hire. I would have to be dealing with a lot of people, or be managing someone to deal with them. Having Assure takes all of that off my plate.”


When Ian Ippolito, the Founder and CEO of the Private Investor Club, was starting the group in 2015, he researched a variety of partners to handle the legal processing around feeder funds.

“When it became apparent that we were going to do this process, I probably looked at maybe five or six different vendors and I liked Assure because of the ease of use versus the other ones. It seemed much more approachable,” said Ian.

Ian also felt that a lot of Assure’s competitors were using somewhat antiquated processes. “A lot of them are running on these older processes where it’s not online. Assure has Glassboard, so they can onboard people online. They don’t have to mail documents. Some of the competitors have a very slow process. And because it’s slow, it’s also more expensive.”

Ian Ippolito , Private Investor Club video from YouTube

Block QUOTE: 

"I would recommend Assure. Trying to manage all of that on your own is too much. It is much better to go with someone who has seen it all before and done it a million times. They are very flexible, helpful and very open to work with me." 

Ian Ippollito 
Founder and CEO
Private Investor Club LLC


BENEFITS of Assure 

  • ASSURE HAS THE EXPERTISE TO CREATE SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLES (SPVS)—“Assure is the largest creator of SPVs in the US,” Ian said. “So I know when I run into a problem, they have probably seen it before. That brings me peace of mind.”
  • EXCELLENT, DEDICATED SERVICE—“I have a dedicated account manager (a deal coordinator) that I have been working with. They’re organized, on top of things, and have good communication skills,” said Ian.