What You Need to Know About SPV Platforms

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May 11, 2022 10:33:00 AM | Assure

When it comes to investment vehicles, there are options. However, if the goal is to establish an investment vehicle that allows investors to pool capital into a single structured vehicle, it seems like a special purpose vehicle is the avenue of approach. 

A special purpose vehicle, or more commonly referred to simply as an SPV, is a structured vehicle that can be established for investing assets. SPVs are popular for a variety of reasons. Mostly, they provide flexibility to investors who want some freedom in operating beyond the regulations of the legal entity they were created under. 

And though establishing and maintaining an SPV is not overly complicated, especially since you are versed in investment and financing techniques for your business or firm, there are certainly ins and outs that come with operating experience. Not to mention the nuances of balancing financial elements with investor relations. 

In the same way that your pool of investors have unique goals and strategies in mind for your SPV, each SPV formation and structure is not the same. To be clear, it is not a plug-and-play investment approach. For this reason, it is best to turn to experts who can help tailor the SPV to your precise approach. Assure SPV is a differentiator in the realm of SPV services. Not only were we first to market and make use of a seven-year term, flat-fee pricing scale (which is something you won’t find from our competitors), but we will set you up with an SPV platform that puts you in the driver’s seat, taking away much of the pressure and stress.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of an SPV platform, or how SPV software can play an integral role in your investment strategy success, consider some of the reasoning here:

How an SPV Platform Can Benefit You

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Sure, there are a great deal of technical achievements that make Assure SPV software worth your time, but to put it simply—It will save organizers and investors both time and money. And when it comes to investing, or any business growth enterprise for that matter, saving time and money is difficult to argue with. 

But, to be more specific, here are some of the highlights that help put Assure’s SPV software at the top:

Create and Manage Deals

SPV formation should be simple and efficient. With a three-step process, it is exactly that. Whether the goal is to create a new profile and enter information, or add a new deal, the options for SPV formation are intuitive and make it easy.

Invite and Onboard Investors

The purpose of SPV formation is to pool a network of investors together, and Assure’s SPV platform makes light work of that process. From managing investor information to opening lines of communication directly with investors and participants, this hub is a contained location for investor management. 

Invite investors to your SPV, or share documents to be signed (and yes, the signing can be done within the SPV platform as well), or send 506c checks if need be. The bottom line is that when it comes to investor management, this SPV software has you covered, and will put your investors at ease knowing that all aspects are taken care of.

Closing and Maintenance

The life cycle of an SPV means exactly that, and so an SPV software that merely helps you with setup and investor invites is not enough. Assure’s SPV platform is built to manage the entire life of the SPV.

For example, there is a lot that goes into fund administration, from investor closing, to taxes, to maintenance, to distributions, to membership transfers, and the list of services and administrative elements goes on and on. It is not worth having an SPV services platform unless it has options for all of these items. 

Begin Your SPV

Starting a special purpose vehicle is an exciting step toward building that investment strategy you and your investing partners are so confident about. A special purpose vehicle can make the process easier and help you tailor a specific approach that works with your intended benchmarks and vision. 

But you don’t have to go it alone. Assure has the experience and the knowledge to help with not only your SPV formation, but with management over the course of its entire life cycle. Learn more about how an SPV can benefit you and your organization, and click here to get started on beginning your SPV today.