Adding value to the venture ecosystem by connecting investors, VC's and founders.


We look for the right opportunities to invest in high growth businesses that can provide venture capital returns or help founders consolidate their angels into SPV’s to keep their cap table clean.


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Angel & Family Offices

We provide customized and proprietary investment opportunities for our investors with the opportunity to invest alongside venture capital funds. We do so utilizing SPV’s with no management fees and 10% carry - which provides flexibility, alignment and access to deals that fit YOUR investment thesis. 

We build relationships with you to understand your thesis at Assure Syndicates, goals and expertise. By doing so we encourage more family offices and individuals to participate in venture capital. But also find the right investors for each investment opportunity.


Venture Capital Firms

We understand that one of the pain points of venture capital funds is to find the right deals that fit with YOUR investment thesis. This is why we built our model to invest alongside the VC’s funds we know and trust. The benefit is we qualify any opportunity we send your way AND commit to be a small non-threatening investor alongside you (at the same terms). 

We are the most aligned Venture Partner for your fund with no ask in return (only responsiveness in the few highly qualified opportunities we send). We are focused on bringing the right deal to the right investor based on your thesis. 

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What is a syndicate?

An investment syndicate (referred to simply as syndicate) is a group of investors that pool capital together to invest into private assets.

Typically, there is one leader (referred to as organizer, deal lead, or syndicate lead) that sources the investment opportunities for the group. The members of the syndicate get access to the opportunities the lead is bringing to the table and choose to invest in these opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis. For this access, along with the due diligence of the opportunities, management of the syndicate, and the additional investment benefits that often come with a syndicate, the investors pay the lead carry. They’ll sometimes pay a management fee as well.

How We Help Syndicators

If you’re just starting out as a syndicate lead, we recommend you join Assure Syndicates as an angel. This can provide you with an example of how one Syndicator drives investors. This will spark ideas for how you want to do things in your own way. After joining Landon is open to discuss your syndicate goals - provide feedback, guidance, recommend deals to review or even co-syndicate opportunities.

No Fees for Founders

Assure Syndicates never charge founders any fees; like management fees, finder fees, or advisory shares. Our mission is to invest in high quality companies and keep investing through future financing rounds. We work with founders to help them identify investors who are looking for companies like theirs, based on analysis of the investors’ goals and approach. We help founders improve their presentations to these curated investors. Finally, if founders need assistance with an SPV to pool smaller investors, Assure Syndicates helps with that also. Founders that work with Assure Syndicates will be asked to carve out a small allocation for their own syndicate SPV and agree to allow Assure Syndicates to invest larger amounts of capital as the company grows. Providing this level of value to entrepreneurs without charging management fees is unprecedented. Our unique value proposition is based on our desire to make the investment ecosystem work better for all stakeholders.

Seed rounds

  • Allocation: $150,000
  • Round Size: $1.5 million - $5 million
  • Management fees: None
  • Carry for Angels: 10%

Series A / Series B Rounds

  • Allocation: $250,000
  • Round Size: $5 million - $15 million
  • Management fees: None
  • Carry for Angels: 15%



In concert with your own fundraising efforts, Assure Syndicates helps founders connect with the right investors. When we make an introduction for you, it is because the VC we have identified invests in your round/stage/industry and has expressed interest. This approach helps you save time and energy and increases your chances for fundraising success. When founders allocate a certain amount of their fundraising for value-add individuals or syndicates, this demonstrates a thoughtful process. Assure Syndicates connects these “angels” and helps founders bring in the right individuals or syndicates.

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Assure Syndicates, a division of Assure, provides innovative, industry-unique matchmaking services for the benefit of both venture investors and entrepreneurial founders. 

Assure is the pioneering leader in providing comprehensive structuring and administrative management services to the private investment ecosystem. Our mission is to connect the right investors with the right businesses. 

Assure Syndicates is a one-of-a-kind hybrid between an aligned co-investor and a founder’s advocate. We provide fundraising guidance to founders, then commit our own capital to the deal. In contrast to conventional finders, who hold their hands out to collect finder’s fees from cash-strapped entrepreneurs or wary investors, Assure Syndicates charges no brokerage or management fees. Instead, we align our interests with both investors and founders by co-investing alongside the lead investor and participating in the carry.


Assure Syndicates Managing Director, Landon Ainge

Landon Ainge is the Managing Director of Assure Syndicates, which helps individuals and family offices invest alongside institutional VC’s at the Seed and Series A. He focuses on helping founders and venture capital firms to build up the technology investment ecosystems. There is no charge for these services. Landon has personally taken the founder’s journey, albeit in a non-traditional order. He started his career at Goldman Sachs. He then co-founded Gabb Wireless, where he had his first exit. He performed deep dive diligence and portfolio management for the most active venture capital firm in the mountain states region (Kickstart Seed Fund). At Overstock he ran the mobile commerce division, where his team won the Best Retail App in 2017 and quadrupled revenue. In a corporate development role, Landon helped to acquire 13 businesses deploying more than $450M as part of a private corporation.

Landon Ainge
Managing Director: Assure Syndicates