Assure Closes 1,000 SPVs in First Half of 2021

Assure Leads Industry-Wide Surge in SPV Deals, Closing more than 1,000 SPV Deals in First Half of 2021

As Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) continue to surge as the investment vehicle of choice for investors and entrepreneurs in the private investment marketplace, Assure — the pioneering world leader in SPV set-up and administration — eclipses its industry-record 12-month total from 2020.

SALT LAKE CITY, July 28, 2021 - Assure announced today that in June 2021, the company surpassed 1,000 SPV (“special purpose vehicle”) deals closed for 2021. In the second quarter of 2021, Assure exceeded the number of SPVs it closed in all of 2020 — 994, far and away the previous annual high watermark for any provider in the private investment world.

The company continues to expand its undisputed global leadership position in setting up and managing SPVs. To date, Assure has helped entrepreneurial investors establish and manage more than 10 times as many SPVs as its nearest rival.

The 1,028 SPVs represented a 290% increase over the first six months of the company’s record-setting 2020 performance. Assure closed a daily average of 1.9 SPV deals in the first six months of 2020, and 2.7 per day for all of 2020. For the first six months of 2021, Assure’s daily average of SPV deals closed has jumped to 5.7.

“Assure is honored to serve at the forefront of the continuing evolution of the SPV marketplace, which is creating an expanding universe of opportunities for both founders and investors,” said Jeremy Neilson, co-founder and CEO of Assure. “As SPVs continue to bend cost and time curves downward, an ever-more diverse community of innovators is empowered as never before to fund products and services that change lives and remake the world.”

Founded in 2012, Assure was the category creator in providing comprehensive structuring and administrative services for the syndicate and venture investment community. The company has led the movement to democratize entrepreneurial investment, in large part by reinventing the SPV. Assure created the platform used by such innovators as AngelList, EquityZen and SeedInvest to provide a new class of fast, cost-effective SPV entities for clients ranging from angels and VCs to syndicates.

Since 2013, when Assure established the SPV services industry category, the company has consistently achieved annual growth of 150% to 200% on its SPV activity. The company has closed more than 6,600 deals, approaching $7 billion under management, for a client base that has surged to more than 1,300.


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