Assure Syndicates Introduces Copilot Program

Assure Announces Expansion of  Assure Syndicates Program with Recruitment, Training and Sponsorship of New Deal Organizers and Venture Investors

Assure Syndicates will train the next  generation of deal-by-deal organizers in how to syndicate deals using Assure SPVs with financial stipends, world-class instruction and hands-on training to further expand and democratize the venture ecosystem.

SALT LAKE CITY, March 8, 2021 - Assure today announced the expansion of its innovative and distinctive Assure Syndicates program: The Assure Syndicates Copilot program will recruit, sponsor, educate and train a new generation of investment specialists, including deal organizers, angel investors and venture capitalists. The expansion will seek to grow the venture ecosystem with promising candidates, with a special focus on specific geographies and individuals from historically under-represented populations. 

In the first phase of its expansion, Assure Syndicates will target growing and emerging  entrepreneurial investment hot spots such as Florida and Texas. Assure’s vision is to progressively expand the program throughout the U.S. and in other countries in response to evolving need, opportunity and demand.        

“We are excited about the next phase of Assure Syndicates,” said Landon Ainge, managing director of Assure Syndicates. “This is a terrific opportunity to cloud-seed the venture ecosystem with a diverse community of talented new investors and deal organizers. Founders will have access to a growing pool of capital from investors with diverse priorities, including new frontiers of innovation and social impact.” 

syndicates-rocket-iconAssure launched Assure Syndicates in June 2020 to address a strong need for no-fee matching of the right founding entrepreneurs with the right investors. The first and only program of its kind, Assure Syndicates matches promising  entrepreneurial companies with smart investment capital. The program helps founders find the right investors to help them grow their ventures, while assisting investors in finding deals that fit their investment theses and objectives. 

Led by Ainge, in only nine months the program has facilitated and co-invested in 16 investment deals—usually alongside institutional VCs—with a large number in the pipeline. 

Assure Syndicates is unique in the investment landscape in that it charges no brokerage, placement, finders or management fees.  Instead, it aligns its interests with both investors and founders by co-investing alongside the lead investor and receiving carry from its own SPV vehicles, funded by its own network of investors.  

Participants in the Assure Syndicates Copilot program will take part in the intensive, world-class investment education program and investor accelerator at Venture University, followed by ongoing training, including managing deals, with the industry-leading team at Assure.

"We're excited to be deepening our partnership with Assure by integrating Venture University's education program and VC/PE investor accelerator into the Assure Syndicates Copilot Program,” said J. Skyler Fernandes, Founder and General Partner at Venture University and VU Venture Partners. “We use Assure to create all of the SPVs for our investor syndicate at VU Venture Partners, and it's the number one option we recommend to fund managers for creating fast, easy, and affordable SPVs.”

Members of this inaugural Assure Syndicates Copilot cohort will be expected to commit at least 18 months to this program.  All members of the cohort will receive a full salary and benefits package from Assure for the duration of the program. Upon completion, Assure Syndicates participants will have the option to work as independent deal organizers or venture capitalists, or to become permanent members of the Assure team. Those who choose to pursue careers as deal organizers, angel investors or venture capitalists will receive a six-month transitional stipend with full pay and benefits in order to cover the financial gap between launching a firm and closing on capital and deals. 

“Assure Syndicates will continue and accelerate the Assure legacy of expanding the community of participants in the venture ecosystem,” said Katie Neilson, co-founder, CRO and board chair at Assure. “We recognize the need for greater engagement from populations that have traditionally been underserved. We are committed to bringing together people from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in our recruitment efforts, and to building genuine unity, trust and abundance within this diverse group of people through a sense of shared mission.” 

Assure Syndicates has quickly become a core part of Assure’s ongoing commitment to empowering and expanding the venture ecosystem. Founded in 2012, Assure has had a major impact in changing the venture investment landscape.  by helping streamline the setup and management of investment entities and democratize the investment landscape. By making the setup and management of investment entities exponentially more simple and cost-effective, Assure has helped to greatly expand the venture community and to democratize the marketplace. Assure Syndicates furthers this mission by fostering productive deal flow and relationships. 

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