Types of Special Purpose Vehicle Agreements

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Special purpose vehicles can be advantageous for a business entity looking to pool financial resources, isolate risk on an upcoming venture, keep a forward-looking investment secret, or any other number of reasons. But it is important to note that a special purpose vehicle is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are different types of special purpose vehicle agreements that investors or financial managers can enter into. 

This makes sense when you consider the fact that special purpose vehicles are popular because of the flexibility they provide, and that they can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular situation. After all, there are many different reasons that a company, or team of investors, would look to establish an SPV investment. There are many different goals or outcomes they are looking to achieve. In that regard, it makes sense that there are also different types of special purpose vehicle agreements. 

To understand a little more about the options available as they pertain to special purpose vehicles, it is important to grasp what exactly a special purpose vehicle is, and how it operates.

What is a Special Purpose Vehicle Agreement

A special purpose vehicle is a legal entity, which is created by a parent company for a number of reasons, most commonly for investment purposes. By having a legal status of its own company, its obligations are secure from the parent company. And this means more than just isolating risk or financial elements, but also some privacy when it comes to requirements around disclosing information.

For instance, a company might want to invest in a product without wanting its competitors to know about the investment. In this instance, a special purpose vehicle is a way for a larger company to pursue certain interests while keeping it off the main books. Certain projects like this might also attract a specific group of investors, in which case they will create and establish a special purpose vehicle agreement to lay the groundwork for the path forward. And as mentioned, there is not only one type of special purpose vehicle agreement available. 

Types of Special Purpose Vehicle Agreements

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Whether a company is turning to SPV investing in an effort to securitize assets, isolate corporate risk, create joint ventures, or any number of financial investment strategies, there are options on the table. Some of which might better suit your situation than others. For instance, a company has the ability to form a special purpose vehicle agreement as a limited partnership, a trust, a corporation, or a limited liability corporation, or others. It depends on the goals and strategy that the partners of the SPV investment are looking to create and achieve.

For instance, special purpose vehicle securitization is popular, as it is an efficient method by which a company can merge or pool various financial assets into a single, specific group. This creates opportunities for investors and frees up capital. 

Another popular type of special purpose vehicle agreement comes in the form of a special purpose vehicle limited company. In fact, this is likely the most common type of special purpose vehicle, and for good reason. The special purpose vehicle limited company provides protections for the shareholders of the agreement should something happen to the larger company. 

Tailor an SPV Investment to Your Needs

With various options pertaining to special purpose vehicles, it is important to consider what best meets your needs. As a partner, or someone who plays a role in the handling of finances at your firm, it is beneficial to review the world of SPV investing and find a solution that aligns with your business model trajectory and goals. 

Just as your business and strategy are unique components to your firm, your special purpose vehicle agreement can be as well. But it is no secret that the world of SPV investing contains a great deal to consider. For this reason, it is worth reaching out to the professionals as Assure to get your special purpose vehicle agreement set up in a way that benefits you the most.

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