Assure is revolutionizing the world of private investing by simplifying the SPV. We’re leading the way for more founders to get funding and more investors to make private investments. Book a meeting today with an Assure SPV expert to learn how you can get started quickly and easily.

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Painless Technology

Our Glassboard platform, is a breeze to use for both deal organizers and investors. Everything you need to run your deal is available at your fingertips – only one log-in required.

  • Same day entity creation and bank account set up
  • Instant investor invitations and subscriptions
  • ACH auto-reconciliation creating more transparency
Painless Experience

Our team of experts will ensure you have a smooth transaction from start to finish. Each organizer receives a dedicated SPV specialist, so you have one point of contact.

  • SPVs can typically be up and running within a week
  • Assure runs free virtual webinars and conferences every quarter for all clients
  • A full menu of add-on services are available
Painless Taxes

Tax preparation and distribution is included. You can relax at tax season, you’re in the best hands. Our team does more partnership returns than any other SPV provider.

  • Tax preparation and distribution is included
  • Assure provides guaranteed delivery dates for the SPV tax returns based on difficulty
  • Schedule time to speak with a tax expert in the app


Using a different tool like SPVs is really something that a lot of founders have taken to, and I really see SPVs becoming the new way to raise money, having multiple SPVs, or one.

Sabrina Simonsen
SPV Sisters

If you're an Angel investor, you could start your own syndicate powered through SPVs. Here at LAUNCH, we could not be more pleased with our partnership with the team at Assure. They power my syndicate. Assure SPVs are the back end that I rely on to get all of these syndicates done. 

Jason Calacanis

Assure is going to light the way for a lot of non-accredited and underrepresented syndicate leads and emerging fund managers to blaze a path in venture and have a supportive partner along the way with them.

Paige Doherty
Behind Genius Ventures

Fortunately, there’s folks like [Assure], that have made it easier for managers to administer, so they can focus more on what they should be doing, which is investing in companies, finding those companies, and helping those entrepreneurs.

Samir Kaji

What I'm seeing is that a lot of the Next Gen investors using SPVs to build out a track record. They invest in very specific deals in order to build out a track record and be able to raise a fund from outside LPs later down the road.

Olga Yermolenko
OY Group

There's articles that I've read about how you don't make any money on your first fund. And they're popular articles. And I'm always thinking at the end, "Oh, you missed SPVs. That's the way to do it".

Dan Engel
Santa Barbara Venture Partners

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