BoomStartup, powered by Assure, is a technology-driven virtual accelerator founded on the belief that connecting startup companies with the right mentors, investors, and industry experts is how you’ll achieve scale and generate explosive growth.



Boomstartup designs custom plans to fit your company's needs. When you register, we generate a scorecard for your company based on seven different business metrics. This is paired with an individually-tailored plan based on Lean startup principles that you can get started on immediately!



Few other organizations bring together business leaders, angel investors, and institutional funds the way BoomStartup does. Created on the belief that connecting startups with the right mentors, investors, and industry experts is how you’ll achieve scale and generate explosive growth.



Need your MVP? Looking for legal help in forming your company? Preparing due diligence for raising funds? Boomstartup has curated a marketplace of trusted product and service providers to help you grow your business and negotiated the best deals for our startups because every penny counts!

Institutional Investors require a Clean Captable

Many entrepreneurs take money directly from many small investors causing an administrative nightmare and an unclean captable. With Assure you can quickly and affordably spin up an SPV to organize similarly sized and similarly positioned investors in one structured vehicle, keeping your cap table clean and preparing you for an institutional fundraise.


Reg CF

Assure provides companies the help and resources to take their basic financials and convert them into GAAP compliant financials. This process must take place when companies are planning to raise additional funds through Regulation Crowd Funding or CF offerings which require filing GAAP compliant financial statements including footnotes with the SEC.



Assure Basic Bookkeeping is a flat-fee service that provides the set-up and monthly service with reports to keep your business or fund on track. As your company grows, Assure will scale and customize the service to fit your needs. Assure can customize your service to match any budget or financial needs.


Due Diligence

Assure allows mature companies who are not equipped with experienced technical personnel to outsource and prepare due diligence for raising additional funds for $1 million or more in a Series A or later round for potential new investors. This is extensive with requirements. We follow a normal Due Diligence Request List for Security Offerings.