HeaderIcons_Book Keeping_2 BOOKKEEPING

Our team works side-by-side with your team as trusted advisors to set you up with the bookkeeping “best practices.” Assure Basic Bookkeeping is a flat-fee service that provides the set-up and monthly service with reports to keep your business or fund on track. As your company grows, Assure will scale and customize the service to fit your evolving needs. For those that already have a foundation set but need more bandwidth, Assure can customize your service to match your budget or financial needs.

Basic Bookkeeping Service – starts at $300:

  • Weekly uploads of transactions (limit of 50 transactions a month)
  • Weekly categorize income and expenses
  • Monthly bank reconciliation (limit 1 bank account)
  • Monthly P&L and Balance Sheet

Customize with add-on options – additional fees:

  • Jump Start set up of General Ledger and Chart of Accounts
  • Additional bank accounts
  • Accounts Receivable- processing invoicing and collections
  • Accounts Payable-processing of bill pay
  • Monthly credit card reconciliations-Inventory management
  • Cash based tax preparation
  • GAAP accrual basis financials
  • Build or update capitalization table


Create and convert basic financials into GAAP compliant financials.

Assure provides companies the help and resources to take their basic financials and convert them into GAAP compliant financials. This process must take place when companies are planning to raise additional funds through Regulation Crowd Funding or CF offerings which require filing GAAP compliant financial statements including footnotes with the SEC.

HeaderIcons_Financial Due Diligence_2FINANCIAL DUE DILIGENCE

Prepare due diligence for raising additional funds.

Assure allows mature companies who are not equipped with experienced technical personnel to outsource and prepare due diligence for raising additional funds for $1 million or more in a Series A or later round for potential new investors. This is extensive with requirements. We follow a normal Due Diligence Request List for Security Offerings.


Our deep expertise in bookkeeping allows us to act as trusted advisors that provide best practices for our full suite of services. Our financial experts include CPAs with 20+ years of experience.


Control costs by consolidating multiple responsibilities within a single outsourced service provider and partner, a partner you can rely on to guide you well into the future.


We'll customize services to match your budget and financial needs. Our team works side-by-side with your team to create a financial solution to match the maturity of your business.